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    Other learning sites recommended:

    1. POPUP Chinese

    There are a lot of learning gadgets in this website, you can learn new texts, test vocabulary, practice HSK questions, etc. There is also a writing pad for Chinese characters that can be written with a mouse.

    2. Slow Chinese

    The site is regularly updated with news articles about not only Chinese history and traditional culture, but also current pop culture. There is also online reading function, which is conducive to self-study.

    3. Online Chinese games

    The site has animations and audio, so can watch and decide what the animations are and make choices accordingly.

    4. Standard Mandarin

    The site's home page is a list of phrases in Chinese, with a detailed breakdown and comparison between Chinese and English, especially pinyin. Generally speaking, the content is not difficult, suitable for middle and low level learners.

    5. World learner Chinese

    Students can learn Chinese by themselves through this website. The site offers professional MP3 audio playback lessons, PDF texts, forums, glossary, HSK exercises and more.

    6. Chinesepod

    The site is divided into free and paid resources. The free resources are mostly phonetic information, with demonstration pronunciation.

    7.Chinese tool

    The website is rich in resources and students can learn general Chinese knowledge, such as pronunciation, as well as learn about Chinese names, culture, art and cuisine.